Handle multiple chats

8x8 Contact Center agents can handle multiple chats with customers and agents concurrently. Your status must be Available to accept the first chat. After accepting the first chat, your status changes to Busy. Based on the number of interactions allowed, chat requests continue to be offered to the agent until they reach the maximum allowed customer chats. When a new chat request is offered, the chat tab indicates an incoming request by blinking if the Chat tab is not in focus.

At the same time, the customer receives a message to wait until an agent becomes available. You can accept or reject the chat at this time. On accepting a chat, the system looks to see if the chat is with an existing customer. If a matching CRM record is found, the customer detail record is presented to the agent in a separate tab. In the absence of a matching record, a new customer record opens.

The agent can now chat with the customer and be open for handling more chat requests.

Multiple chats can be:

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