Overview of conference calls

An 8x8 Contact Center agent can bring another agent or an external party into a conference call. For example, an agent may want to consult the case with another agent or supervisor who is an expert while the customer is present on the phone. You can create a conference at any time between an active call and another agent, or an external party by pressing the Join Lines soft key.

8x8 Agent ConsoleClosed8x8 Contact Center's browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) used by Agents to manage customer interactions. uses line 1 to conduct a multi-party conference, and line 2 to connect each additional participant. Each time you connect a new participant to the conference, 8x8 AgentClosedAgents use the Agent Console to view and manage customer interactions. Virtual Contact Center supports Regular agents and Supervisor agents. Console automatically connects the new participant to line 1. Line 2 becomes available to connect additional conference participants.

8x8 Agent Consoleallows you to set up multi-party conference calls. During a conference call, you can:

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