Ability to Reset Idle Timer for Agents

In Virtual Contact Center, idle time refers to the length of time agents have been idle and is measured for each agent by the agent's idle timer. By default, an agent is considered idle from the time he ends post processing of a system-delivered interaction and becomes available. When multiple agents with the same queue and skill level assignments are idle, the system routes the call to the agent who has been idle the longest. The agent’s idle timer is reset every time they end post processing of a system-delivered interaction. This reset persists until the same scenario is repeated. Agent-initiated interactions do not reset the idle timer.

To supplement the default behavior, we have now introduced a tenant-wide setting which allows resetting the idle timer when agents transition from one status to another. For example, in addition to the default reset, you can configure the idle timer to reset when agents change their status from On Break to Available.


Access the Idle Timer Setting

To enable the supplementary settings for agent idle timer:

  1. Log in to Configuration Manager, go to Home > Agent’s Idle Timer tab.
  2. Select the transitions for which you want the timer to reset.
    These changes are immediate and do not require agents to log out and log back in.
  3. Click Save.

Use Cases

The following use cases provide an insight into the default behavior as well as the new extended capability.


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