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What's New in the Virtual Contact Center 9.7.3 Release for Agents?

New features and enhancements to SupervisorAn agent with the supplementary privileges required to create FAQ categories and answers, monitor agent interactions in progress, listen to recordings of previous interactions, and create reports for the agents groups they supervise. Console impact supervisors and agents. Some of these features are available to agents and supervisors by default, while others need to be enabled by administrators to benefit from the functionality.

The following are features and enhancements introduced in recent product releases:

Access to Related Emails Improves Customer Experience

Agents can now access queued emails from the same customer, review and respond to them at once. When a customer sends multiple emails within a short time interval regarding a case, all emails get queued. When an agent opens the first email to respond, there is a link to view the queued emails from the same customer. The agent can now click this link to view all the queued emails, and review and respond in a single email if they are related to the same case. This helps agents consolidate their response in a single email and increase their efficiency while improving the customer experience. For details, see our content on how to access customer's related emails.

Improved Search Filter for Closed Cases in History Activity

We have introduced a new filter to search the closed cases in History Activity. This feature helps supervisors investigate customer complaints regarding an agent's lack of response. It particularly helps investigate a case that has been accidentally closed by the agent.
For example, when processing related emails from a customer, an agent may close a case assuming it is related to the case he has reviewed. The unhappy customer may escalate the issue. With the improved search filter, the customer's complaint is now easier to track. For details, see our content on searching closed cases in history activity.

Enhanced Email Header in a Case Response

When you respond to a case or a follow-up, the response automatically includes the email header. The header shows information about sender, recipient, subject, date and time. This enhancement facilitates crafting a response quickly. To see the improved email header, click Reply to a customer case or follow-up and check the email's description window. For details, see our content on how to respond to emails.

What's New in the Virtual Contact Center 9.7.1 Release for Agents?

We have introduced the following enhancement to improve the productivity of agents and supervisors, some performance improvements, and bug fixes in this release:

Ability to Search All Columns in the Shared Directory

In Agent ConsoleVirtual Contact Center's browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) used by Agents to manage customer interactions., Unified Login with Virtual Office users can now search the shared directory by all available columns, such as Name, Email or PBX Service, Public number, Contact Type, Department, Location, Job Title, and Private number. The Shared Directory is the company directory that lists all extension users, including Virtual Contact CenterA contact center that enables agents to be located in different geographical locations yet managed as if they were located in the same physical location. agents. You can quickly find extension users as you enter your search keywords in the Search field.

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