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What's New in the Customer Experience 1.6.4 Release for Agents?

The new Customer Experience release introduces key enhancements based on customer feedback. These improvements include changes to the user interface and some new capabilities.

Ability to Generate Reports for Your Timezone

You can now generate reports for your local timezone. With a custom timezone, users can report on activities generated during their local business hours, independent of the timezone of the PBX or telephone system. When you select a new timezone, the results are re-queried and presented based on data collected during that specific timezone. The timezone changes are also reflected in and reports. For details, see our content on access and download recent files.

Use Case

Let’s say Bob, a site supervisor for Acme Lumber’s Denver office, needs to include relevant call and survey data for his team in his weekly status report. Acme Lumber is located on Spokane, Washington and the report defaults to US/Pacific time. Using the custom timezone feature, his results will report all calls that occurred during the business hours of his local team.

Ability to Protect Sensitive Customer Data

We can now enable 8x8 users to better secure their sensitive customer data such as credit card payment for when both agent and customer are on a call. This integration is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) from the customer keypad is passed to PCI Pal directly, bypassing the contact center agent and masking the keypad audible and visible input.

In Customer Experience:

Use Case

Let’s say Susan, the VP of AAA Health Care, wants to make sure that sensitive customer data entered via keypad during a call to her company, and/or any call recordings, can be prevented from exposure to company employees. Susan contacts her 8x8 representative and provides a list of every incoming phone number for which she would like 8x8 to not report DTMF tones. Future calls from that number will no longer report DTMF codes. Moreover, the subsequent calls to that number will not be recorded.


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