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Transfer Phone Interactions to an External Phone Number

Virtual Contact CenterA contact center that enables agents to be located in different geographical locations yet managed as if they were located in the same physical location. allows agents to transfer an active phone call to an external phone number.

To transfer a phone interaction to an external number:

  1. Announce to the current caller that you are going to transfer them to another telephone number.
  2. While in an active call on line 1, click line 2 in the Phone tab.
    Agent ConsoleVirtual Contact Center's browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) used by Agents to manage customer interactions. automatically places the phone interaction on line 1 on hold.
  3. Type a telephone number then click Dial.
  4. After the second party has answered the phone, tell the second party you are transferring a phone interaction to them, then click Transfer Lines to complete the transfer.
    Agent Console changes your status to Post Processing.
  5. To transfer the call before the second party answers the phone, click Transfer Lines.
    Agent Console forwards the call, then changes your status to Post Processing.

    Note: If the second party does not answer the call, and the second party does not have a voice mailbox, the call eventually times out and is dropped.

  6. Click End Post Processing to change your status to Available, or click Work Offline if you need more time to complete any post-processing tasks. For information about your contact center's timeout interval, contact your contact center administrator.

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