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Add Agents to a Conference Call

Perform the following procedure to add another agent who is logged in to Agent ConsoleVirtual Contact Center's browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) used by Agents to manage customer interactions. to a conference call. The agent's status must be either Available or Working Offline.

To add an agent to a conference call:

  1. Announce to the current caller that you are going to add them to a multi-party conference call.
  2. Open the Phone tab, and click line 2.
    Agent Console automatically places line 1 on hold.
  3. Click the Agents tab to view a list of agents currently logged in to Agent Console, whose status is either Available (shown as Waiting in the list) or Working Offline.
  4. In the list of agents, select an agent, then click Make a call.
    Agent Console submits a new phone interaction to the selected agent. After the phone has been answered, the sound of a human or recorded voice enables the Join Lines feature.
  5. If you receive the agent's voicemail, click End Call to disconnect the call and return to line 1.
  6. If the agent answers, tell the agent that you are adding them to a conference, then click Join Lines.
    Agent Console connects the agent and you to any conference participants already on line 1.
  7. Click End Call to disconnect from the conference.
    Agent Console leaves the other parties connected to the conference call.

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