Zendesk Integration Overview

The 8x8 Virtual Contact Center application for Zendesk allows agents to control customer contacts within the Zendesk desktop environment. The integration allows agents to show their availability and to interact with customers via phone or chat media. Combine the benefits of Zendesk with the capabilities of Virtual Contact Center, and access detailed records of interactions with each customer to gain insight into the full customer experience.

The integration uses the telephone number of the caller to look up the customer record in Zendesk and provide information on that customer to the agent, including any open tickets. This saves the agent and the customer a significant amount of time. Virtual Contact Center also has powerful reporting on agent interactions. It provides interaction data to Zendesk to be used in Zendesk reports. The application provides significant out-of-the-box functionality with minimal configuration, and can be extended through APIs to increase agent productivity.


The integration with Virtual Contact Center offers the following features:

  • Use Single Sign-On capabilities, which make life easier and more efficient for your agents by allowing them to sign in only once and be logged into both Zendesk and Virtual Contact Center.
  • Take advantage of multimedia interaction support for flexible communications.
  • View real-time agent presence and queue status.
  • Take advantage of the Organization, User, and Ticket objects in Zendesk.
  • Use web callback; a system-generated outbound call placed in response to a customer request.
  • View screen pop of the customer’s CRM record during inbound interactions.
  • View screen pop based on caller ID and ticket ID for phone media.
  • View screen pop based on email ID and ticket ID for chat media.
  • Search based on arbitrary data (requires customization).
  • Record custom messages for agents.
  • Track historical data of agent activity using historical reports (supervisor only).
  • Monitor agent activity (supervisor only).


  • The first time you log in to Virtual Contact Center in a new Zendesk account, you must allow the integration window to go through Zendesk authentication in order to successfully log in.
  • You can only view screen pop for incoming calls.