Get Started

After logging to the 8x8 Contact Center application, follow the checklist below to get started:

Activate Integration with 8x8 Contact Center

To activate the integration, you must first connect with Microsoft Dynamics via Settings.

  1. Log in to Agent Console.
  2. Click or Settings at the top.
  3. Integrations > Microsoft Dynamics > Connect .

    If connected successfully, you will see a message summary.

  4. Click X to navigate back to the agent interface. Your integration is now active.

    Note: Do not change the settings under the Settings > 8x8 tab. Any changes to the link can break the integration with 8x8 Contact Center.

Enable Settings

You can control if you wish to preview details of a matched record in your CRM before accepting an interaction. You can also enable automatic call log and screen pop of a call log under Settings. By default, these settings are disabled.

To view and change the settings:

  1. In Agent Console, click on the top right corner of Agent Console.
  2. Select Integrations > MS Dynamics. You can see the list of settings:
    • Auto Call Log: Enable this option to automatically generate a call/chat log. A call log includes information about the time a call was initiated, terminated, duration and more. A chat log includes the chat transcript as well.
    • Call Log Pop: Enable this option to view the call log pop in a browser tab once the interaction is terminated.
    • Auto Single Match Record Pop: Enable it to pop the record details in a browser tab so the agent can preview and prepare for the call.

Set up Phones to Receive Calls

You can set up a softphone or a hard phone from the agent profile in Agent Console to receive calls.

  1. Log in to 8x8 Contact Center app.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select Profile.
  3. In Personal settings, enter a phone number or SIP Phone URI.

  4. Click Make Verification Call to verify the phone number.
  5. Make sure the phone number is in the right format and click Save.

Check Queue Assignments

To process phone and chat interactions from the 8x8 Contact Center, you must be a member of phone and chat queues.

Note: Phone queues are separately defined for inbound and outbound communication.

  1. From Profile, go to the Assigned Queues.
  2. Click the desired tab for phone, chat, or voicemail queues.
  3. Make sure your queue assignment is active by selecting the checkbox.
  4. Save the changes.