Transfer Calls

You can transfer a received call to a desired contact either after consulting with the contact (warm transfer), or without consulting (blind transfer). If the contact is on another call, they will see a call waiting with caller ID attached, and the call will follow the call handling rules set for the contact. Alternatively, you can check the contact's presence status before transferring the call. If the status indicates the contact is busy, you can transfer to voicemail, or park the call and inform the contact via chat.
You can perform a blind transfer within or outside your phone system, and a warm transfer only within your phone system:

Consult by Chat

You can also consult by chat before transferring a call.

  1. In the contact directory, select a contact to bring up the Contact Details.
  2. Click the Chat icon to initiate a chat session with the contact.

    A chat box appears in Switchboard Pro.
  3. Enter a message to inform the contact about the waiting call in the chat box, and send.

Transfer to Voicemail

If a contact is unable to take a call, you can transfer the caller to the contact's voicemail by selecting Voicemail from the Contact Details menu. You can also transfer a caller to a contact's voicemail at any time.