Tour the Interface

The Switchboard Pro console allows you to receive multiple calls, check the availability of your contacts, and direct calls to a desired contact.

The Switchboard Pro user interface consists of:

Status Icon

In the Call Management Window, click your status icon to view a drop-down of available presence statuses to choose from, such as Available or Do Not Disturb. These statuses are visible on 8x8 Work.
You can also choose to forward all calls to Auto Attendant.
For details, refer to Manage your Presence Status.


In the Call Management Window, click the Voicemail icon to access your list of voicemails. Click any phone number in the list to open the voicemail and the voicemail controls.

Dial Pad

In the Call Management Window, click the Dial Pad icon to open the dial pad panel. In the dial pad, you can dial any phone number to call.


In the Call Management Window, click the Settings icon to open the settings panel. You can enable or disable the following options:

For details, refer to Settings.

Search Contacts

To search for contacts in the contact directory, simply type a name, department, extension, or other information available in Switchboard Pro into the search bar. The search results automatically filter as you type.

Customize Display

In the contact directory, you can select the desired contact information fields to display.

  1. Click the Show/Hide Columns drop-down in the top-right corner.
  2. From the list of columns, select the check boxes next to the fields to display.