Switchboard Pro Use Case Examples

The following are use case examples for creating receptionist roles using 8x8 Switchboard Pro:

  1. The company purchases one Switchboard Pro license to be shared by multiple employees.
    The following use case describes the way you can share a single receptionist user profile:
    1. The company purchases a dedicated receptionist extension and a Polycom desk phone. Each employee has the username and password for the front desk extension.
    2. Create a user profile that is used only by the receptionist. This user profile is attached to the Polycom telephone at the front desk.
    3. When the morning receptionist logs in, call forwarding to Auto Attendant is automatically canceled, and calls can reach the receptionist phone.
    4. When the evening receptionist logs off, Switchboard Pro forwards calls to Auto Attendant until the receptionist logs in again the next day.
    5. Shift work is covered and all receptionists share the same Switchboard Pro license, login, and password.
  2. The company purchases a dedicated Switchboard Pro license for each receptionist.
    The following use case describes how to share and control receptionist calls with several receptionists functioning simultaneously:
    1. The company uses a ring group to route telephone calls to a pool of receptionists.
    2. Each employee has an extension and a Polycom desk phone.
    3. Each employee or receptionist is assigned a dedicated Switchboard Pro license.
    4. Receptionists log in to Switchboard Pro in order to take calls.
    5. An employee or receptionist controls participation in a ring group with the Do Not Disturb status selected from Switchboard Pro, preventing ring group calls from reaching the receptionist.
  3. The company uses branch office receptionists.
    The following use case describes how to use receptionist extensions for multiple branch offices:
    1. The company has five branch offices, and each branch office has its own main phone number.
    2. The company purchases five Switchboard Pro licenses; one for each branch office.
    3. At each branch office, the receptionist logs in to Switchboard Pro and manages calls coming to the branch office.
    4. Each branch office can implement use case 1 or 2 above to manage its workload.