Configure Settings

While logged in to Switchboard Pro, click the Settings icon to open the settings panel. Settings may require additional configuration by your phone system administrator.

You can enable or disable the following options:

Display Callee Details

With receptionist scripts and detailed caller information, you can deliver a seamless customer experience.
During a call, you see receptionist scripts based on the callee of the customer you are speaking with ("You have reached AcmeJets. How may I help you?"), as well as more detailed caller information like location and mobile number.

Hide Call Notification after __ sec

If you are away from your Switchboard Pro tab or window when a call comes in, you can still see caller information in the form of an onscreen notification controlled by your browser. You can click the notification to bring Switchboard Pro back in focus. In your settings, you can choose how long call notifications remain on your screen when a call is ringing.

Note: This setting is only supported on Chrome.

You may need to enable browser notifications manually.

Enable Contact Filtering

When a customer calls a certain company branch, the contacts in your contact directory filter to display only contacts within the same branch, allowing you to see all the relevant contacts at a glance. This way, you can forward calls more efficiently to help the customer get what they need.