Note: 8x8, Inc. has introduced 8x8 Frontdesk, a new generation receptionist console software application that will replace 8x8 Switchboard Pro. 8x8 Frontdesk was designed to enable a smooth customer transition from Switchboard Pro to 8x8 Frontdesk. For more information, click here.

The 8x8 Switchboard Pro application is an optional receptionist console software application for 8x8 Work that increases the efficiency of your organization with better phone call management, allowing callers to efficiently get in touch with your organization and enjoy the best possible customer experience.
Switchboard Pro is flexible and easy to use. With a few clicks, a receptionist can manage multiple calls, voicemails, and chat sessions, and direct communications to the appropriate contacts in their organization.


With Switchboard Pro, a receptionist can quickly and efficiently:


8x8 Switchboard Pro has the following limitations: