Co-browsing Help

When you require assistance with setup, features, or issues in Switchboard Pro, 8x8 Co-browsing offers an efficient and hassle-free solution. With 8x8 Co-browsing, you can request and initiate a remote session, allowing the agent to view and borrow control of your Switchboard Pro window to provide hands-on assistance for setup, troubleshooting, and more.

Let's say that Bob is having a problem using a feature in Switchboard Pro. During a Co-browsing session with an 8x8 agent, Bob can demonstrate to the agent what he needs help with, and the agent can proceed to take control of Bob's cursor to demonstrate proper usage of the feature. While Bob is in control of his cursor, the agent can observe as he performs actions in Switchboard Pro, allowing for more efficient and in-depth assistance. If the agent takes control of Bob's cursor, Bob can observe how to resolve an issue or use a feature.

To initiate a Co-browsing session:

  1. While speaking to an agent, click Co-browse Help in the bottom-left corner of your Switchboard Pro window.
    A prompt pops up.
  2. In the prompt, click Start to begin the Co-browsing session and view the Session ID.
  3. Provide the agent with the Session ID.
    The agent can now join the session and provide hands-on assistance in Switchboard Pro.
  4. To stop the Co-browsing session at any time, click Stop in the prompt under Co-browse Help.