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Test Your Internet Connection

Start by running the 8x8 VoIP test. This test simulates 8x8 VoIP calls being made over your Internet connection, and gives you an indication of the level of service you can expect from your 8x8 system, based on your current Internet connection bandwidth and performance. If your current router supports Quality of Service (QoS) and is enabled, please disable QoS prior to starting the test.

Note: The VoIP test requires JavaScript to run.

To run the 8x8 VoIP test:

  1. To begin the test, go to You are routed to the nearest server.
  2. Click Start to begin the test.
  3. Once the test is completed, you receive your results with the following information:

    Value Definition
    Latency Measures the time delay experienced by the signals from the transmission side to the receiver side. The recipient is able to receive messages, albeit at a slower pace. High latency makes communication very cumbersome, since a voice call requires communication to happen instantly between the caller and the receiver.
    Jitter Measures the constant flow of data. A lower jitter value shows a more consistent flow.
    Download Determines if your Internet download speed can support a high-quality VoIP conversation. Insufficient download speed impacts your inbound traffic, including your ability to hear callers.
    Upload Determines if your Internet upload speed can support a high-quality VoIP conversation. Insufficient upload speed impacts your outbound traffic, including the ability of callers to hear you.

    The test results also provide a recommendation for your Cloud Readiness.

    If you receive a yellow score, contact 8x8 to learn about your options.

    Possible solutions may include running the test against a nearer server, increasing your Internet bandwidth, or upgrading or installing LAN equipment (such as a properly-configured router and/or modem).


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