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Install and Activate ATAs

If you have purchased an analog telephone adapter (ATA) from 8x8, please refer to the device user guide for activation and installation. For details, refer to our list of 8x8-supported analog phone and fax adapters, and select the ATA you need for information and related guides.

To install and activate ATAs:

  1. Attach your device to an Internet connection and a power source.
  2. To activate your device, connect an analog phone (or a fax machine with an analog phone) to the PHONE 1 port. Then:
    1. Lift the handset and listen to the recorded message.
    2. Enter the activation code that corresponds with the extension number you are activating, and then press #. The activation code to enter is found in the Equipment Shipped email you received from 8x8. After entering the code, a successful activation message plays.

      Note: You can also retrieve the activation codes from 8x8 Account Manager. For details, refer to how you can retrieve activation codes.

  3. After your device is activated, connect the analog phone or fax machine you will be using to the PHONE 1 port (or, if you purchased the 2nd-Port Fax Plan, connect your fax to the PHONE 2 port). Your service is now ready to use.

Note: If you connect the Internet port directly to a broadband modem instead of a router, you must first configure your ATA to act as a router.


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