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8x8 Virtual Office for G Suite offers improved connectivity and communication with your contacts via Gmail and Google Calendar. Whether it is a phone call, or an email from a contact, you instantly get the contextual information to enable effective communication.




G Suite and 8x8 Virtual Office users who often interact via phone and email with company contacts and a wide population of external contacts benefit from the contextual information offered by the integration.

If you are a field sales agent interacting via email with many contacts stored in Salesforce, the integration searches and presents contact information from Salesforce.

Use Case

Robin, a small business owner, gathers potential contacts for her business at a trade show. She adds these contacts in her Salesforce account. A few days later, she receives an email from Sam, who she met at the trade show. When she opens the email, the Communication Panel searches and lists the existing Salesforce contact record for Sam.

Upon continued communication (via email and phone) with Sam, Robin can access email history, call logs, and meetings set up with Sam, all in a single screen. Robin is now spared the extra effort to look for information in multiple places, and can work more efficiently than ever! Additionally, when Robin handles calls, click-to-dial phone numbers enable more effective communication.


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