Step Three: Verify the Softphone works with Virtual Contact Center

  1. Navigate to your Virtual Contact Center Agent Console link.

    Refer to the Virtual Contact Center Platform URL guide for the link.

  2. Enter your login credentials and log in to the Agent Console.
  3. Navigate to your Profile.
  4. In the Personal area, select the SIP Phone URI button and enter the SIP Phone URI:
    User [email protected] Name. For example,  [email protected]
  5. Click Make Verification Call to verify your softphone is registered and configured for Virtual Contact Center.

    Your softphone rings if you have followed the configuration as documented here. You can answer the call and follow the prompts to record a greeting message or simply disconnect the call.

    Important: If you are an eyeBeam user, please be advised not to decline calls from the eyeBeam softphone. Only decline calls from the Agent Console Control Panel.

  6. Save your profile settings.


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