Schedule Reports

Want a quick overview of your organization's call center activity? Simply schedule a report, and set the report to repeat after a certain period of time, giving you regular updates on agent activity and effectiveness. You can easily schedule the following reports and receive them via email daily, weekly, or monthly:

  • Company Summary report
  • Extension Summary report
  • Call Details Record report


  • Schedule periodical reports.
  • Aggregate or break down metrics day-by-day.
  • Archive report queries you no longer need.
  • Filter call detail reports to track answered, abandoned, or missed calls.

NOTE: We have now introduced an enhanced version of the Scheduled Report in beta. Learn more.

How Do I Schedule a Report?

  1. Log in to Virtual Office Analytics.
  2. From the upper-right corner, select Schedule Reports from the drop-down menu under the username.
  3. In the follow-up screen, click Create a new report.
  4. Enter or select the following information:
    1. Name: Enter a name for the report.
    2. Type: Select a report type from the available options. Currently, you can schedule only Company Summary, Extension Summary, and Call Detail Record reports.
    3. Frequency: Select the frequency with which you wish to schedule the reports. You can select a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.
      Once the reports are saved:
      • A daily report is delivered via email the next day.
      • A weekly report is delivered on Sunday of the following week.
      • A monthly report is delivered on the 1st day of the following month.
    4. Frequency Type: Select Aggregate or Day by Day.
      • Aggregate: Consolidates data for weekly or monthly reports.
      • Day by Day: Breaks down data day-by-day in weekly or monthly reports.
    5. Branch: Filter data by selecting a branch or desired branches.
    6. Department: Select the desired departments.

      Note: At this time, we do not support a query for multiple branches with selective departments. You must create a separate report for each branch.

    7. Direction: Indicate the direction of calls (Inbound or Outbound). This applies only to Call Detail Record report.
    8. Call Status: Select one of the options. This applies only to Call Detail Record reports.
      • Answered: Incoming calls answered live.
      • Abandoned: Calls abandoned by callers before being answered by a live person or before reaching voicemail (missed calls, minus calls that reached voicemail).
      • Missed: Calls that were not answered live (calls that reached voicemail, plus calls that were abandoned).
    9. Email: Enter one or more email addresses to receive email links for scheduled reports.
  5. Click Submit. The report shows up in the list.

Note: If you have already created a query with the same criteria, you will be prevented from creating a duplicate.

How Do I Edit a Report?

You can edit an existing report by clicking on it from the list. You are only allowed to modify or add email addresses for notification. You cannot edit any other field in the report.

How Do I Download a Scheduled Report?

The scheduled report runs at the set time and sends an automatic email to all named recipients. The email contains a link to download the report. When you click the link, you are prompted to log in to Virtual Office Analytics, and a download page opens.

Click Download. The report is saved instantly as a zipped file. You can also navigate to the list of scheduled reports, select the desired report, and click to download the report.

How Do I Archive a Scheduled Report Query?

You can archive scheduled report queries that you no longer need. You can continue to access the archived report until that date. Once archived, the reports cease to generate new data from that time period.

To archive a scheduled report:

  1. Navigate to the list of scheduled reports.
  2. Select the desired report, and click .
  3. At the prompt, confirm. The report is now archived, and ceases to generate new data from that day. You can access it from the Archive tab.