Unified Search

Speech Analytics by 8x8 is a powerful speech analytics tool capable of filtering large volumes of data at a near-real-time pace. Version 5.0 brings an improved user interface for all filtering capabilities. The unified searching module is designed to help all users obtain the maximum value quickly and easily, and always have results a few clicks away.

Note: The new search capabilities of 8x8 Speech Analytics are only available in the 5.0 release.

Business Value

The following re-factor has tremendous business value for our tool. The current implementation is considered technical debt, as the application has outgrown its implementation.

This new re-factor will solve the following common complaints, among others:

  • Advanced search is difficult to understand and use.
  • Basic filters don't support integers, so you are forced to used advanced search.
  • The interface is not intuitive for the general consumer.
  • Roles and permissions are not respected, and you see all users even if you don't have access.
  • Feature flags are not respected; you will see features that might not have been purchased (like Speech Analytics).
  • Saving is only done via tabs at the moment.
  • Basic search has limited support for Speech Analytics.

By completing this effort, we merge basic and advanced search, providing the same capability that basic search has today, but adding advanced abilities to enhance the user experience. It provides a complete searching experience in the application, and will provide our customers with a much-needed refresh for searching as the application advances.

Combined Filtering

Previous versions of the RocketIQ software had filtering capabilities divided between basic and advanced filtering. Users preferred using the basic filters, considered more straightforward compared to the advanced filters. This release is intended to change this habit and ensure that customers can benefit from the full range of the comprehensive filtering options that the application supports.

In order to reach this goal, the basic and advanced search were combined into one interactive, powerful, and intuitive search module.

Interact with the Calendar

The calendar interaction will also be re-factored. This is a new design which allows the calendar to be more accessible to the user, and removes dates and time ranges from the queries themselves.

Selecting a custom range is simple, as shown here:

Support for all existing features is present, including searching by "Last X Days":

Tabs should be redesigned and re-skinned as well.

Note: If the user is accessing the date picker where evaluations are the primary record type, then the user is presented with an option to search by Evaluated Date or Interaction Date to better narrow down search results. This drop-down does not exist in Voice Interactions pages.