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Enter Search Queries

The “Filter by” drop-down is replaced by a long search bar. Click inside the search bar to reveal filters. The “Saved filters” option is always displayed at the top. Users can choose a filter as they scroll through the list, or they can start typing the filter name to narrow down the number of results. Filters are listed in alphabetical order.

The list of results narrows down after the user types the first three characters. The characters typed can match any part of the desired word or phrase. Any chosen filter is accompanied by all the possible operators for that particular filter. The entire process of generating complex search queries is designed to be intuitive, with minimal effort required from the user's side.

First State: Filters

Examples of the suggestion box in action:

Second State: Operators

Final State: Values

Values are filter-specific. They provide the user with ease of use, ensuring that an incompatible combination cannot be entered.

Users can type to narrow down the list.

Clicking “Back” at this stage returns the user to the operators state.


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