Overview: 8x8 Network Utility 2.2

The 8x8 Network Utility is a suite of tests that runs on your computer to diagnose your network and connectivity to 8x8 data centers. This helps to collect all the test results we need to assess your connectivity to 8x8. To better understand the firewall and router configurations that 8x8 services may require, please refer to our technical requirements for X Series, as well as requirements specific to Virtual Contact Center. The tests include:

There are two parts to the test. First, you must run a baseline test to provide information about ports, ALG, and connectivity. Next, you run a monitoring test (which runs a media test multiple times) to simulate a VoIP call and allow 8x8 network engineers to know what voice quality to expect once an actual telephone is deployed.

Prepare Your Network

We suggest that you prepare your setup in order to run the 8x8 Network Utility and gather the most effective results:

Note: Proxy servers are not supported by the 8x8 Network Utility. If proxy servers are in use at your location, please add a rule to your proxy server that any outbound traffic to 8x8 data centers can bypass the proxy server. For a list of 8x8 data centers and their locations, please refer to 8x8 technical requirements for X Series. If possible, create a dedicated VLAN for your voice traffic, and allow the new VLAN to bypass the proxy server.