8x8 integration with Okta—overview

As an Okta customer with access to 8x8 products and solutions, your organization can use 8x8 integration with Okta to fully combine the powerful user management of Okta with the calling capabilities offered by 8x8.

Simply install and configure 8x8 integration with Okta, and take advantage of fast-acting synchronization to streamline user authentication and user provisioning. Whether you need to quickly enable a batch of new users, or simply update user profiles, seamless synchronization enables you to edit a user in Okta and immediately reflect your changes in 8x8 Configuration Manager.

Note: User updates synchronize from Okta to 8x8, but not vice versa.


This guide is intended to educate:

  • Okta administrators: How to add 8x8 integration with Okta, assign users to the app, and how to update, deactivate, and reactivate users.
  • 8x8 phone system administrators: How to configure identity management in 8x8, view users provisioned via Okta, and assign 8x8 services to users.
  • End users of 8x8 apps: How to log in to 8x8 apps using Okta credentials via Single Sign-On.


8x8 integration with Okta enables you to:

  • Automatically synchronize Okta Active Directory users and groups into 8x8 Configuration Manager. Take advantage of:
    • New user creation: When an Okta user is assigned to the integration, a new Configuration Manager user profile is created for the user.
    • User updatesOkta user updates reflecting in Configuration Manager.
    • User deactivation and reactivationOkta user deactivation and reactivation reflecting in Configuration Manager.
  • Assign telephony services and licenses for Okta users from 8x8 Configuration Manager.
  • Grant users Single Sign-On access to log in to 8x8 applications using their Okta credentials.


  • When a user is provisioned, the Single Sign-On Federation ID is not auto-populated in the Configuration Manager user details page, even though the ID is saved in the system.
  • For users that have already been provisioned, edits to existing usernames in Okta are not propagated to the Single Sign-On Federation ID that exists in the 8x8 system.

Before you begin

To configure 8x8 integration with Okta for your organization, you must have access to administrator rights in both Okta and 8x8 Configuration Manager.