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What's New in the 8x8 Analytics 1.2 Release?

We have introduced new enhancements and changes in the Virtual Contact Center Analytics 1.2 release.

Introducing the Single Metric Widget

As a contact center manager monitoring agent performance or call handling capability of a queue, you want to closely monitor certain key performance indicators (KPI) to ensure customer satisfaction. Whether it is the call waiting time in a queue, or longest hold by an agent, you want to access these KPIs quickly on your dashboard without having to hunt for them on your data rich dashboard. With the new single metric widget for agents or queues, you can now select an important metric and create a widget to display these critical KPIs prominently as desired. This improves the visibility of the most important metrics. Watch if the average handling time of a call of an agent exceeds five minutes or if the longest waiting time for a queue exceeds a certain time limit. These widgets draw immediate attention to the KPIs on the dashboard. Get to the numbers quickly and act fast to take corrective actions.

Learn how to create a single stat widget for queue and agent performance metrics.

Date format on Timestamp Metrics

Instead of the dd/mm/yyyy format, the date format on timestamp metrics is now MMM dd, yyyy hh:mm:ss a ex: Dec 2, 2010 2:39:58 AM. Time is changed from 24 hour format to am pm format.

Enhanced Thresholds

To learn more about defining threshold sets, click here.

New and Changed Metrics


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