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Set up Power Keys

8x8 Power Keys (formerly known as Virtual Receptionist) is an add-on service that provides powerful call handling and work group monitoring abilities using any Polycom phone with four or more line keys, using your new VVX phones, or using your new VVX phones with SideCars attached. Using the Power Keys service, a manager or a power user can handle multiple calls simultaneously and monitor the availability of other extension users on the same PBX.
For more details, refer to the Power Keys User Guide.

Configure Line Keys

As a Virtual Office PBX administrator, you can set up the initial configuration of line keys in Account Manager, and push these settings to the Power Keys enabled extension phone from Account Manager.
You can assign:

Configure SideCars

A SideCar is a phone accessory device that attaches to a business phone for additional line call handling and group monitoring. Using the Polycom VVX Expansion Modules known as SideCars, a desktop phone can handle additional Busy Lamp Field (BLF) keys, Line Appearance Keys (LAKs), and Speed Dial keys. With SideCars, you can accept, screen, dispatch, and monitor calls and reduce the number of lost customer calls, shorten transaction times, and increase the accuracy of call routing.
8x8 supports:

The supported SideCars are compatible with Polycom VVX 300/310, VVX 400/410, VVX 500, and VVX 600.
The SideCars can be configured to support additional pages of either 28 or 40 line keys. By obtaining a VR28 or a VR40 add-on plan, you can match the SideCar size and the number of SideCar keys that a customer requires:

It takes a few minutes for the phone and SideCars to restart.

Add Call Pickup Option to a BLF Key

  1. To configure Call Pickup, select the BLF key you want to enable call pickup for and click to Edit.
  2. Select the Enable this user to pick up calls for this monitored extension check box, and select Ok.
  3. The key should now read Pickup Enabled.

Change BLF Notification Option

If desired (for live receptionists), select the Enable call screen notification check box. You can also select the Enable call audio tone check box.

Edit Speed Dial Keys Using Phone Interface

End users can edit speed dials from the phone user interface using indexes for the key positions, and assign to Contact Directory entries.

Identify Line Key Assignments

With your phone in front of you, you can identify which Line Appearance Keys, BLF contacts, and Speed Dials are assigned to each line key on your SideCar from your VVX phone. It gives you the physical line key number.

Note: This is particularly useful for 40-key SideCars.

To identify line key assignments:

  1. Press to display the Home view.
  2. Go to Settings > Status > Line Key Information.
  3. Press a line key. The assignment and line number for the line key you pressed display on your phone screen.
  4. Press the line key twice to return to the previous menu, or tap or select Back.

Generate Configured Line Key Information

Note: Applicable to paper label SideCars 40-key only.

Using the Polycom Web Configuration Utility, you can generate and download a PDF file with the configured line key information for each 40-key SideCar. The generated PDF enables you to print line key information for line keys on your SideCars, and insert the PDF as a directory card on your 40-key SideCar.

Download Extensions (CSV)

For your convenience, a Comma-Separated Values (CSV) file is available for download. This file provides information on all extensions.

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