Sync Users

When your Microsoft Teams and 8x8 PBX services are configured, you can perform a full user sync between those services.

Note: Even though the processes behind sync jobs are fully automated, sync jobs themselves are not automatically initiated.
You have to manually initiate a full 8x8 PBX/Teams sync by clicking Sync Now under the following conditions:
- To complete your initial admin portal setup.
- One or more user's name or phone number has been changed in their 8x8 user profiles, either directly in Admin Console or by user SCIM sync from Azure .
- One or more Voice for Teams users have been disabled/deleted in 8x8 Admin Console, or in Microsoft 365 service.
- The Sync Now button does not display a green check mark.

To perform a full 8x8/Teams user sync:

  1. Sign in to 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams admin portal as an administrator with the appropriate Microsoft credentials.
  2. Click Sync Now, which appears on both the Services and Users tabs.

    Depending on the state of your service, you might see a different status in the Sync Now button:

    clipboard_e4cb7e229f695abaaab6f23ad557fc613.png clipboard_e0a6d56478e2e78b7265a694c7f7dd19f.png

  3. Sign in with the appropriate credentials for Microsoft 365 and/or 8x8 services.

    Note: The credentials for Global Microsoft admin and 8x8 Super Admin are not normally required to perform a sync after both services have already been successfully enabled in the 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams admin portal.


    The Sync Now button on the upper-right page changes and displays a Syncing notice.


    Once your now sync process has finished, the Sync Now button displays a green check mark.


When a full 8x8/Teams user sync has been successfully completed, the Users page displays the assigned 8x8 user phone numbers.

- Some elements of the configuration within Microsoft 365 services can be subject to delays as information propagates between different parts of the Microsoft system. This can vary from day to day, so we recommend that you aim to carry out these steps 72 hours prior to your go-live date to allow for this.
- If you receive an unexpected error at any step, we suggest waiting 24 hours and trying again before reporting a problem.

Sync Now Options

The following Sync Now options are available in the 8x8 Voice for Teams admin portal:

Simultaneous 8x8 PBX and Teams Sync

To simultaneous sync both the 8x8 PBX and the Teams services:

  • Click Sync Now on either the Services or the Users tab.

Note: The Sync Now button displays Sync Now - Changes Queued with a blue background whenever the admin portal detects that there are updates pending to be applied to the Microsoft 365 tenant. These updates should be applied as soon as possible.

Sync Only 8x8 PBX or Only Teams

To individual sync only the 8x8 PBX or the Teams service:

  1. On the Services or Users tab, click the Sync Now dropdown arrow.
  2. Choose the individual service you want to sync.

Show Sync History

To review the detailed sync job history on your service:

  1. On the Services or Users tab, click the Sync Now dropdown arrow.
  2. Click Show Sync History.

    The Sync Jobs page displays a list of both 8x8 PBX and Teams syncs that have been run.

  3. If the latest sync job doesn't display, you can choose to:

    • Refresh your browser page.


    • Click on the refresh icon clipboard_e919850bb073fcfb8bb7b0a013b29cc89.png beneath the Sync Now button.

      Note: If the Sync Jobs page doesn't display your company name instead of 8x8 PBX, this is because the default name was changed by the service administrator during the initial setup of the admin portal PBX service.

  4. To review details of a specific sync job, click the arrow clipboard_e34cbdde0e567287df772a0639ff0fcee.png on the left of the sync job to expand it. This is useful to identify issues that you might experience during individual or full sync processes.

    • Optional: On the upper-right side of the Output section, click Copy Job Output to copy the sync job output.

    • Optional: You can filter the list of sync jobs by the type of service, state of the sync job, or both. To apply the filter(s), just click on the dropdown arrows under the Service and/or State column(s) and select the desired options.


Diagnostic Syncs

While running a sync job with the diagnostic option, the usual sync job information plus additional debug detail display. The sync jobs which have been run using the ALT+Shift diagnostic option display a bug icon clipboard_eeb54934aa8fcbb3f63f6d6bdb7466714.png in the Service column.

To perform a diagnostic sync:

  1. On the Services or Users tab, press and hold Alt + Shift and then: 

    • Click Sync Now to perform a simultaneously sync of both an 8x8 PBX and Teams .


    • Click the Sync Now dropdown arrow and choose the individual service whose sync you wish to perform.
  2. Enter the appropriate credentials for your 8x8 or Microsoft services to sign in.
  3. The Sync Now button displays Syncing along with a bug icon clipboard_eeb54934aa8fcbb3f63f6d6bdb7466714.png, but which is not spinning.

    Allow the sync to complete before performing any changes in the admin portal.

  4. When the sync is complete, on the Services or Users tab, click the Sync Now dropdown arrow, then click Show Sync History.

    • Optional: Click the refresh icon clipboard_e919850bb073fcfb8bb7b0a013b29cc89.png below the Sync Now button to update the Sync Jobs page.

  5. To review a diagnostic sync log, click the arrow clipboard_e34cbdde0e567287df772a0639ff0fcee.png on the left of the sync job to expand it. The Output section displays the generated output.

  6. Finally, review the sync debug output.

    • Optional: You can click Copy Debug Job Output on the upper-right of the Output section, to copy the debug output.