Access the 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams Admin Portal

The purpose of the 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams admin portal is to configure the service, and to synchronize users in the service owner's Microsoft Teams users with their associated 8x8 environment.

To access the admin portal:

  1. As an administrator, you should receive a welcome email, inviting them to access the 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams portal.

  2. Note: Your invitation to sign in to the Voice for Teams admin portal is only available for 48 hours. You have to accept this invitation to sign in to the Voice for Teams admin portal within 48 hours or it will expire.

  3. Click Accept Invitation to access the admin portal at
  4. In the Microsoft sign-in page, enter your Microsoft credentials.

    When you perform the initial setup of the Voice for Teams service, you must sign in with Global Admin credentials for your Microsoft 365 service.

Note: The 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams admin portal does not store credentials. This access authority is stored in Microsoft 365 services.

Common Login Errors

When trying to sign in, you might encounter issues about sign-in. The system might send you an error message, such as:

  • We've hit an unexpected error.
  • We can't find any accounts for [email protected] Please contact your administrator to receive an invitation to the service.

Solve sign-in issues

Users often have multiple Microsoft accounts, for work and for personal use. Administrators may also have several sets of credentials to use, depending on their responsibilities and security.

If the above errors occur, you may be trying to access the 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams admin portal while signed in to a different Microsoft account than the one registered with the portal.

To solve this login issue:

  • Sign out of any current Microsoft sessions and sign back in using the correct credentials.


  • Open a private browsing session such as Chrome Incognito, and sign in to the portal using the correct credentials.

Add Additional Administrators (Optional)

To add any additional service administrators to the 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams admin portal, complete the following steps:

  1. In the admin portal, click Account at the top of the page.

  2. Click + Invite Administrative User.
  3. Enter the new administrator's Email, First Name, and Last Name.
  4. Click the Roles dropdown menu, and select one or more administrative roles you are assigning to the new admin, and define the administrator roles.
  5. You can choose to send the invitation to a new admin either via email or by sharing the link:

    • Click Send via Email to send an invitation email comprising a link to the new admin.
    • Click Share via link to manually share the invitation link with the new admin.

    A list of current and expired admin invitations appears under Invitations, at the bottom of the Account page. Admins are automatically removed from this list once they accept their invitation and successfully sign in.

Note: Invitations will expire if they have not been accepted within four days. If this occurs, the invitation(s) must be recreated.

Common Invitation Issues

If an email invitation was sent but the recipient didn't receive it, you can choose to:

  • Have your newly-invited admins check their Junk Email folder in Outlook.
  • Check your Office 365 spam quarantine to make sure that invitation emails are not being blocked.
  • Failing all else, simply delete the current invitation and create a new one using the Share via link option. In this case, you can copy and email the provided invitation URL to the new admin(s).

If the invitation was received, but the admin cannot sign in:

  • The invitation may have expired before the administrator attempted to accept it. In this case, the old invitation should be deleted, and a new invitation submitted.
  • If the admins tried to accept the invitation, but received an error stating that We can’t find any accounts for user “[email protected], then they should simply refresh the web browser page. The error may be a false negative, which you can verify by refreshing the Account page to see if the new admin appears in the Administrative Users list.
  • If the new admin received a Microsoft error AADSTS50105 when attempting to accept the invitation, you need either to:

    • Add the new admin to the Users and groups list of the 8x8 Voice for Teams app in Azure.


    • Adjust that app’s permission to allow users to access the app without being assigned to it.

Administrator Roles

While adding additional administrators to the Voice for Teams admin portal, you have to assign one or more of the following roles:

  • Account Owner:

    • View or change all service settings.
    • Perform user syncs.
    • Invite new service admin.
  • Service Contributor:

    • Act as an Account Owner on client accounts.
    • Cannot access the Account page.
  • Service Viewer:

    • Read-only access to Services and Users.
    • Cannot access the Account page.
  • Sync Contributor:

    • Can only initiate maintenance syncs.
    • Has no access to any other function in the admin portal.

For partner accounts, the following options may be available:

  • Subscription Contributor:

    • View or change Subscriptions and Licenses.
    • Add client accounts.
  • Subscription Viewer:

    • Have read-only access to Subscriptions, Licenses, and Client Accounts.
  • Branding Contributor:

    • Can view or change Service Templates.
    • Manage logos, e-commerce, and support links.