Activate the 8x8 Network Utility

You must activate the 8x8 Network Utility to use it. After you have installed and launched the utility, you are prompted to accept the licensing agreement, and must enter the necessary activation credentials.

To activate the 8x8 Network Utility:

  1. Accept the license agreement prompt.

    Once you accept the license agreement, you are prompted for an activation key, which is provided by your 8x8 engineer.
  2. In the activation prompt, enter the following details:

    • Activation Key (Required): Enter the activation key provided by your 8x8 engineer.
    • Company (Required): Enter your case-sensitive company name; make sure to avoid using spaces or underscores.
    • Site Identifier (Required): If you use the same activation key and company name at different locations, use the Site Identifier field to differentiate the results based on the details you send.
    • Contact Phone (Optional): Enter the phone number you want to receive the results of the test.
    • Contact Email (Optional): Enter the email address you want to receive the results of the test.

    Note: The activation key and company name form a unique combination. To run network tests on a different machine, you must keep the Activation Key and Company fields identical to the initial activation, and identical across all machines in the company. The Site Identifier, Contact Phone, and Contact Email fields can be filled in as needed to indicate the person, location, or Store ID related to the test.

  3. After entering in the information, click Verify to activate the utility.